Auto Accident Lawyer FAQ

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When injured in an automobile accident, there are many concerns that the individual may have. Loss of a vehicle, time off from work and expensive medical bills are just a few of the things that must be dealt with on top of the pain and suffering. However, contacting an auto accident lawyer in West Palm Beach Florida is often the first step to remedying the situation.

Why Contact an Attorney?

An insurance company may offer a settlement amount that is not actually sufficient. And once accepted, the injured cannot request anymore compensation. This can be a problem, especially when the loss of a job, physical impairment and other difficulties result. An attorney can work to make sure that the victim is not taken advantage of.

How Can the Lawyer Help?

An attorney can review the details of the accident to determine whether or not the injured may be eligible for compensation in the courts. Many times, an automobile accident was preventable and the driver can be held accountable. A lawyer can also explain the procedures for filing for compensation and dealing with the insurance company, allowing the individual to focus on healing and getting things back on track.

How Soon Should An Attorney Be Contacted?

The victim should contact an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. As with other states, Florida limits the amount of time in which a claim may be filed. Depending on the nature of the injuries and claims as a result, this is typically between 2-5 years. Although this seems reasonable, details of the case are often forgotten over time, decreasing the strength of the claim.

What Else Should the Injured Consider?

A huge concern for most individuals is related to the costs to file suit. However, an initial consultation with an experienced auto accident lawyer costs nothing. The attorney can discuss the case and whether or not there may be a claim without any type of obligation for the victim to retain services.