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Being a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney I try to stay in the know on recent developments on our roadways. As I have written in the past about distracted driving, I want to follow up on a new story about Google Glass and the potential issues with these innovated devices.

If you are not familiar with Google Glass I will give you a quick overview of what they do. Basically they are like seeing glasses that a user wears on their face throughout their normal life. The glasses have a built in camera that can take movies, pictures, capture sound, and give you information. They are currently in the test phase with only 500 people having access to them so most of the information I have about the glasses capabilities was gathered from Google’s website. Their website shows a person at an airport pulling up information on their flight times. That information is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the eye glasses. A user also has the option of telling the glasses to perform functions such as “take a picture” or “take a video.” The user can also receive driving directions which are displayed on the eye glass itself.

So how is this going to all play into the distracted driving realm? A California police officer was put to the test yesterday. California which has arguably some of the most stringent distracted driving laws where a person will receive upwards of a $400 ticket for talking on the phone or texting while driving. Cecilia Abade was ticketed for speeding and driving with her Google Glasses on yesterday. This is the first known ticket of this kind and Abade plans on taking it to trial. I look forward to following her case because there really are no laws on point about it at this time. I imagine that her defense will be that a person is able to look at their cell phone while driving; they are also able to look at a navigation system such as a Garmin while driving. With this logic Abade could have simply have been using the navigation system on her Google Glass.


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