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Since our founding nearly a decade ago, we’ve had a single mission, which we pursue each day with drive, dedication, and compassion. To put it simply, we fight for individuals, not big businesses, big insurers and not the big interests who put purse strings before heartstrings.
At X1Law, P.A., we work exclusively with people. People who have been injured through negligence, whether it be automobile accidents, medical malpractice, or premises liability.  We work with people who seek recovery and accountability.


Too often, that recovery is unfairly denied. Insurance companies play tough, looking to settle cases for the least amount possible, or make them go away entirely.  Fairness, justice and responsibility to those whose lives have been turned upside down — those ideas don’t tend to work into the calculation.  That’s not just a claim, it’s a fact.Our founding partner, Patrick J. Tighe  spent years working at one of the nation’s largest insurers.  Patrick saw firsthand how the interests of the company prevailed over the interests of the injured. Every single time legitimate claims were delayed or denied and compensation was inadequate and unfair.  People who had been injured once were hurt once again.

Here at X1Law, we work to change that.

A lot of law firms share our mission to protect, and vindicate, the individual.  We think that’s great.  Here at X1Law, P.A. we add something else.  We add something unique. We leverage our experience working for the big insurers, knowing how they handle cases, how they negotiate and how they think. That lets us win the cases other lawyers thought could never be won.  Indeed, we’ve taken and prevailed in many claims other lawyers wouldn’t handle. Other lawyers acted as if the cause was lost.  Our experience told us otherwise.  The result: A client who otherwise would have been failed — by insurers and by the legal system — saw success, and a new start on life.

We don’t just see our work with clients as a relationship, but a responsibility.  We make ourselves readily available, via phone, email and in person to the people who come to us for help.  Together, our accessibility, dedication, and experience enable us to give that small firm service with big firm results.  It’s why thousands of Florida and New York residents have come to us for help — and come away with results.

Patrick J. Tighe

For nearly a decade, Patrick J. Tighe has been going up against and standing up to big insurance companies that don’t honor their promise to do the right thing.  In the process, he’s developed a record for getting clients the recoveries insurers didn’t want to give.  It’s a task for which few lawyers are as uniquely qualified.

The son of an insurance agent, and a former senior claims adjuster himself, Patrick saw firsthand how the big insurers worked: good claims delayed and even denied; serious injuries not adequately compensated.  Too many cases undervalued, and too many people failed.  The need to do something about that was what sparked Pat’s legal career.

A graduate of Villanova University and St. John’s University, School of Law, Patrick opened Patrick J. Tighe, P.A., his Florida practice in 2002 and this developed into X1Law P.A.  In the time since, he has helped thousands of individuals obtain the recoveries they deserve.  Leveraging his prior experience working the ‘other side,’ Pat knows the strategies and tactics big insurers use to stall and hamper claims — and makes sure they don’t work.  It’s tangible experience — and perspective — few lawyers can bring to a case.

An active member of his community, Patrick helped start and fund the lacrosse program at Suncoast Community High School, in Palm Beach County, Florida.  A former lacrosse player at Villanova, he coached the Suncoast team, too. To those who know him, that’s not surprising.  For whether in the courtroom of the playing field, Pat’s aim is simple: to be there for those who need his help.  It’s a goal Patrick J. Tighe meets time and time again.


  • Villanova University, B.A., 1992
  • St. John’s University School of Law, J.D., 2000


  • Florida


  • Palm Beach County Justice Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Southern Trial Lawyers Association