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Premises liability law is the body of law which makes the person who is in possession of land or premises responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons who are present on the premises. It refers to the duty that the owner of property has to the people who are on that property.

Premises liability law claims arise in many situations. Poorly or negligently maintained premises, uneven or wet floors, falling merchandise, broken or improperly repaired sidewalks, liquid or debris on the floor, cracked or broken steps, swimming pool accidents, cords or wires that pose a tripping hazard, and broken or ineffective guard or hand railings are all examples of potential premises liability claims. Accidents can happen at work, or at restaurants, warehouses, retailers, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, apartment complexes, parking garages and the areas surrounding these locations. If negligence by the property owner is found to have been the cause of an injury, the property owner will be liable for the resulting injuries.

An additional area of concern arises in premises liability law where the property owner is negligent in providing security on the premises. Many shopping centers, fast food restaurant locations, and even housing developments are in areas with a known criminal presence. Where the property owner is on notice of the potential risk of criminal victimization of business invitees and even passersby on the premises, a duty will arise to provide adequate security on the premises. In many cases, a property owner will attempt to cut costs by providing the least adequate or often even inadequate security on their premises even if they have substantial notice and reason to believe that crime is likely to take place on the premises. If you have been the victim of a crime on the property of a business or another, you may have a claim against the property’s owner to compensate you for injuries sustained.

If you have been injured, by any means, on the property of another, you may be able to recover for these injuries through a premises liability claim. When a property owner fails to provide for your safety on their property, you are put at an unfair and unnecessary risk and may be able to recover for you injuries and losses through a premises liability claim.

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