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One of the responsibilities that all business owners have is to maintain and pay for workers compensation insurance. When you are injured as a result of your day to day work, your personal health insurance is not the primary insurance that will cover your injuries. These injuries will fall under the umbrella of your employer’s workers comp policy. The injuries that are covered by worker’s comp insurance are generally any injury that takes place when the employee is at work. This could be in the employee’s day to day job duties, walking to or from the business, or any other business related work. It is important to point out that worker’s compensation will cover the employee regardless of fault.
Our North Palm Beach Worker’s Compensation Lawyer handles all types of claims that arise out of an employee being injured while on the job. Some of the more common injuries that we see on a daily basis are:

• Back pain or injuries
• Shoulder or shoulder pain
• Knee injuries
• Burns
• Broken or fractured bones
• Hand or wrist injuries
• Hypertension
• Heart attack
• Headaches

If you have been injured on the job please contact an experienced worker’s compensation attorney right away. Florida is a pro-business state and many of the laws are written in favor of the business owner and not the employee. Our law firm will fight to make sure you receive all of the benefits that should be made available to you under the mandated insurance policy that your employer carries.

Of course the benefit that is due to an injured employee is due will vary greatly and be determined based on the extent and nature of the injury. Generally speaking, a typical payment will cover all of your medical care and should cover any and all lost wages while you are away from work. If an injury is deemed to be severe enough that you won’t be able to return to or unable to perform any type of work in the future, you could be eligible to receive a lump sum payment or long-term payment benefits.

Why Should You Contact A Workers Compensation Attorney?

Anytime the laws are written to protect someone other than yourself, it is wise to seek the advice of a professional. We do not charge for an initial consultation and if we feel that we are able to help you in the future, we will take your case on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to come out of pocket for one penny. The only way that we will be paid is if you are able to recover money for you.

When we take on a case, we work with you, the employer, your medical care team, and the insurance company. We will fight to obtain compensation and/or damages. Some of the benefits you may receive are:

• Wage reimbursement
• Medical care
• Prescription medications
• Vocational rehabilitation

As a North Palm Beach Worker’s Compensation Lawyer, I am here to fight for you and get you what you are rightfully due. Call us today for a free consultation and confidential case evaluation.